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The next virus challenge for Indian & Global Policy Maker and Business community is to restore both Lives & Livelihoods.

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INDIA need to prepare now to get back to work – Safely



Indian & Global governments have set up virus control command & business/ economy protection center command, so similar Policy & SOP command have to be in place for exit. Now time has come when to restore Business and economy, issues related to Supply Chain,Workforce management along with establishing the detailed protocols that will be paramount to bring back employee back to work safely.

Product Specification
Technical Data

Accuracy ±0.2 degrees Response time 0.5s
Abnormal automatic alarm flashing +”Di Di” sound Charging method USB charging or battery.
Automatic measurement measuring distance 5cm — 10cm Input USB DC 4.2-5V
Standby About one week Weight 350g
Install method nail hook, double-sided adhesive sticking, bracket fixing Dimensions 170*115*140mm
Operating temperature 10 C —40 C (Recommend 15-35C) Infrared measuring range 0-50 C
Standby 5s (Red dot dynamic cycle) Screen Digital display

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