“ Safety isn’t expensive, It’s Priceless”

INDIA need to prepare now to get back to work – Safely

The next virus challenge for Indian & Global Policy Maker and Business community is to restore
both Lives & Livelihoods.

Indian & Global governments have set up virus control command & business/ economy protection center command, so similar Policy & SOP command have to be in place for exit. Now time has come when to restore Business and economy, issues related to Supply Chain, Workforce management along with establishing the detailed protocols that will be paramount to bring back employee back to work safely. Exiting from lockdown will be more complicated than entering
it was. The risk of resurgence will have to be continually managed. The real risk when people will return to work is to keep Health & Sanitization infrastructure ready in place to keep people safe in work place.  Employees and employers alike are all eager to return to normal, or at least a new normal. But our sense of urgency to restart our economy should not eclipse our sense of duty to our families and those around us who continue to be at grave risk. Those who have never been infected will continue to be at high risk when lockdowns loosen and must be particularly diligent in their return to work

This virus can be transmitted by people with the virus coughing or sneezing, releasing tiny contaminated droplets into the air, putting anyone within range in danger of inhaling them. These droplets can travel more than a meter from the infected person, allowing them to settle on any surfaces ready to be transferred to anyone that touches the surface.

The virus can live on some surfaces for several days. Data & studies had showed the virus could contaminate plastered walls for up to a day and a half, plastic and stainless steel for 72 hours, and glass for 96 hours. So it’s likely the mobile phone, tablet or computer screen you are reading this on could harbor virus for up to four days, and be transferred to anyone touching the screen.

Though the surge in demand for healthcare and sanitization services will need in place Scanner for Temperatures, Face mask detectors & Body exposed parts sanitization as there is still no treatment or cure this virus

Temperature scanning, monitoring & record is must for all in-house employees to co-relate & map mild symptoms of infection in body. Same has to be in practice for visitors also. Visitors or employee having higher body temperature should be restricted to enter in premises thru Access control system linked with Temp. scanner.

Wearing of mask is mandatory for all employees & visitors. Any visitors and in house employees who is unmasked will be scanned by Access control system & will be restricted to enter premises.

Sanitization System in Place – Since Employee or Visitors, even healthy, commute to work via public transit and even wear gloves can be exposed to the virus on hands & clothing’s, So  Hand sanitization and Body exposed parts sanitization is must before entering into premises.  Necessary technology & safe disinfectant recommended by WHO has to be in use for Sanitization. In broad terms, Sanitization can be classified into 3 Major Categories

Product Specification
Technical Data

Accuracy ±0.2 degrees Response time 0.5s
Abnormal automatic alarm flashing +”Di Di” sound Charging method USB charging or battery.
Automatic measurement measuring distance 5cm — 10cm Input USB DC 4.2-5V
Standby About one week Weight 350g
Install method nail hook, double-sided adhesive sticking, bracket fixing Dimensions 170*115*140mm
Operating temperature 10 C —40 C (Recommend 15-35C) Infrared measuring range 0-50 C
Standby 5s (Red dot dynamic cycle) Screen Digital display

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