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Food Industry is a sector with special needs and quality standards. The design of the various components must take into consideration all the factors able to eliminate possible areas of product deposit to minimize the sources of process pollution. Years experience in the Food Industry Products is experts in the areas of food packing, processing, ingredients and food preparation.

INTERTECH has gained a reputation for a quality and hygiene that is second to none.

INTERTECH supply ingredients, gourmet marinades, packing and machinery for the food industry, including butcher, small goods manufacturers, fish and general food processors.

INTERTECH is experienced at helping our clients to develop new products that suit their individual applications. Therefore, all the surfaces and wildings must comply with strict standards and it is also necessary to study suitable solutions from the plant engineering point of view.

INTERTECH can propose avant-garde solutions for the food sector and can supply plants manufactured with suitable materials for all the types of processed product.

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