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Cream manufacturing plant

Cream batch mixing plant
The Cream Manufacturing Plants are ideal tools for the pharmaceutical industry for the production of Sterile & Tropical Creams. Majority of Creams are emulsion based & this emulsion is prepared using hot mix technology.
Cream Transfer Pumps
Dual Lobe or Tri Lobe pumps are extensively used in transferring finished batch of Cream to downstream Equipment. Mainly to storage tank.

High-speed homogenizer and disperser
The homogenizers are useful for manufacturing suspensions, emulsions and homogeneous solutions. The equipment cons­ists of stator and rotor assembly made out of stainless steel.

Various types of agitators and stirrers
There are various agitators mainly Anchor Type, Propeller type, Turbine type, Marine impeller. Now RPM & other engineering details of specific agitator are related on Mixing volume of particular vessel.

Pilot and laboratory scale batch mixer
Pilot & Lab Scale Cream plant & Mixers are right tool for Engineers & Scientist who are engaged into Process development, Process translation & Scale up.

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