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large VOLUME PARENTAL - (IV fluid manufacturing plan)

Sterile solution mixer/magnetic mixer
Magnetic Mixer has a drive mechanism that can be removed quickly and easily – a major advantage, because small vessels can then be autoclaved rather than sterilized-in place

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Online filtration system
Cartridge filter housing is essentials end filters, to get a super clarity & extra sparkle to water that is already filtered by a conventional sand filter. Very fine suspended impurities, colloidal matter, chlorine traces sand particles etc.
Sterile filling vessels
INTERTECH offers you a full range of capabilities in the supply of portable sterile filling vessels. Our engineering and manufacturing staff has decades of experience in the design

WFI Storage and Looping System
Pure steam generator with WFI generation capability, WFI storage and WFI distribution system with hot and tempered loops.

LARGE VOLUME PARENTAL - (Washing, filling, packing plan)

Bottle washing, filling, sealing line

This line is mainly used for Large Volume Parental (LVP) Bottles line. It can be adapted to a wide variety of bottles shapes and liquids properties and can be used in various capacities of filling.
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Bottle labelling machine
This model is used for Full / Partial Wrap Around Labelling on different size of round and other shape of containers. The unique feature of this machine is 'No change parts required for different dia.

LARGE VOLUME PARENTAL - (Sterilization, WFI and utility section plan)

Autoclave / steam sterilizer
The autoclave series has a chamber volume ranging in size from 510 to 1010 litres. The autoclave operates with saturated steam as the sterilizing agent with a temperature range of 105 °C (221°F) to 137 °C (279 °F) and a working pressure that meets AMSE and PED requirements.
Multi column distillation plant for WFI
To industries where 100% pure Pyrogen -free water-for injection plays role, INTERTECH presents the perfect solution. Available in capacities ranging from 80 - 5000 LPH, the Multicolumn Distilled Water Still has won recognition for its economy, low maintenance and low operation costs.
Terminal sterilizer
INTERTECH has developed TERMINAL STERILIZER which uses Super Heated Water at higher pressure to sterilize Vials

Pure steam generator
Pure Steam Generator produces Pyrogen Free, WFI vapor for Sterilization demands in various equipment's i.e. Autoclaves, WFI pipe looping, Equipment's, and Filters etc.

Bung Processor
Processing requirement of elastomeric closure is quite stringent as it has significant impact on the quality of final product. Therefore correct selection & usage of machine which eliminates deviation in validation compliances becomes more demanding.
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