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This machine is widely used for Packing of certain Pharmaceutical & Food Products which are highly reactive of PVC film or hygroscopic in nature. Aluminum Foil ised at both faces for sealing the product in between. This machine is also equipped with PLC program, frequency converter, high automation, ease of operation,beautiful style, complete function,regular performance and durability. It is met with the GMP standards
  • Auto counting,.horizontal and vertical indentation,slitting,waster-side cutting,slot stamping and auto punch can be achieved in one process, making it an automatic one.
  • The cam controller's rotation is equal to that of the hot press-wheel, and the cam's equilibrium is also equal to that of the medicament nest for the hot press-wheel.Therefore it can have the distance from the plate edge the medicament nest and the one between. The central medicament nest be equal.
  • The punch applies the electronic tester to test the signals, and PLC programs. As a result, it can change the number of granules at any time in the horizontal direction of the plate, making the user free to change the plates without replacing the moulds.
  • It can be equipped with an additional cursor tracking and registering plate system,inking wheel printer to have the products printed beautifully and uniformly, upgrading the products. Its lot numbersare stamped more clearly.
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Technical Specifications
MODEL IET-90 IET-140 IET-210 IET-280 IET-310

Maximum Sealing Width

90mm. 140mm. 210mm. 280mm. 310mm.
.Per Min.
2 Tr. 300 to 700
4 Tr. 600 to 1400
4 Tr. 600 to 1400
6 Tr. 900 to 2100
6 Tr. 900 to 2100
8 Tr. 1200 to 2800
8 Tr. 1200 to 2800
10 Tr. 1500 to 3500
10 Tr. 1500 to 3500
12 Tr. 1800 to 4200
Converyor NIL 1 Mtr.Long
162 mm.Width
1 Mtr.Long
212 mm.Width
1 Mtr.Long
292 mm.Width
1 Mtr.Long
317 mm.Width
Motor 1/2 H.P.1/2 H.P 1/2 H.P 1/2 H.P 1/2 H.P
Heater 240 V. 500 W x 2 750 W x 2 1000 W x 2 1500 W x 2 1600 W x 2

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