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This Single or Double Rotary GMP model Tablet Compression Machine is ideally suited for small, medium & sizeable batch paroduction,

"INTERTECH" Rotary tablet press has a totally paint free production zone. Having considered the importance of GMR the production zone is constructed completely of stainless steel or it is plated. This avoids any corrosion due to oxidation and ensures easy cleanability. Turret is made of a special grade of casting of high tensile strength to ensure maximum life and less wear and tear of the ring in future. Feature of the upper cam plate is that the flight of the upper punches is avoided by its unique design. We can incorporate core rod arrangement and HygroSpray Technology optionally.

The electric control panel is provided with "ON" OFF" push button, emergency "OFF" button & MCB as a safety feature. PLC Based Touch screen Panel is also provided for higher rated models to control Operation & Engineering parameters with validation norms. Some basic features are :

  • Pre- compression facility is also available.
  • Force feeding of Powder is also available
  • Two layer attachment is also available.
  • Safety gurads with interlocking & Electromagnetic clutch arrangment is provided.
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Technical Specifications
Model IETTC - 16 IETCC - 20 IETCC - 23 IETCC - 27 IETCC - 35
No. of stations 16 20 23 27 35
Tooling D D DB B BB
Tablet diameter (Max.) 25 mm 25 mm 16 mm 13 mm 11 mm
Depth of fill (Max.) 20.5 mm 20.5 mm 20 mm 17 mm 15 mm
Output /Hr. (Max.)* 34560 43200 49680 58320 71280
Turret RPM (Max.) 36 36 36 36 36
Max compression 10 Ton 10 Ton 10 Ton 6.5 Ton 6.5 Ton
Diameter of die 38.10 mm 38.10 mm 30.16 mm 30.16 mm  
Length of die 23.81 mm 23.81 mm 22.22 mm 22.22 mm 22.22 mm
Diemeter of punch 25.40 mm 25.40 mm 25.40 mm 19.05 mm 19.05 mm
Length of punch 133.60 mm 133.60 mm 133.60 mm 133.60 mm 133.60 mm
Electric motor 2H.P, 415 V AC, 960 RPM, 3Phase
Machine size in mm 820 x 820 x 1700
Net weight in Kg. 950
Gross weight in Kg. 1200
Case size in mm 1275 x 1200 x 1850

NOTE: Higher Output Tablet press of 55 & 71 Station for B Tooling and D Tooling is also available
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